Know your friends and your enemies

Guide to working with your supporters and opponents

Once you have decided on your particular activity or project, the next step is to work out how you will carry it out!

Here are two ways to move forward:

1. Identify supporters and opponents

Make a list of who is likely to support or help you. This is important because having people to approach for advice or financial support will be helpful as your project gains momentum.

But don't forget to think about who may oppose what you are doing as well. It may be useful to talk to potential opponents. Are there things you could do to reassure them without compromising your plans?

2. Work out the details

As well as setting your group's overall goals, you should define the goals of any proposed activity as precisely as you can.

Each activity needs to be carefully thought through and broken down into steps. Each step or job should then be assigned to an individual or group with a deadline for completing it.

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