The power of brainstorming

Tips for a successful brainstorming session

What the heck does brainstorming mean?

’Brainstorming’ involves exploring possibilities and developing ideas in a group. It can be a very fun process!

Six tips for brilliant brainstorming:

  1. Choose your subject

  2. Explain that the aim is for everyone to make as many suggestions as they can!

  3. Assign someone to write down every idea on a board or large sheet of paper

  4. Once everyone has given all the ideas they can think of, prioritize them. In other words: agree on which ideas are best or most important.

  5. You could then ask people to vote for their favourite, or perhaps their top three.

  6. Allow time for general discussion, but only after the brainstorming process has been completed.

In brainstorming, every idea should be written down no one should make any bad or negative comment about the ideas.

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