great example survey

A great example of a survey

Here's what a real survey looks like!

Here is an example of a great survey by a group called ‘Kids in School’, which you can adapt for your own purposes.

They started by giving a bit of background information to the people answering their survey questions:

Our group, Kids in School, is carrying out a survey about school attendance in our local area. Please take a few moments to answer the questions. We hope the information will help our campaign to make sure all children get an education. This is their right under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

All information will be anonymous. Thank you for taking part in our survey!

Then they asked these questions using a paper survey:

Please circle the answers you choose clearly.

  1. What is your gender? Male / Female

  2. What is your age? under 10 / 10-13 / 14-16 / 17-19 / over 19

  3. Are you in full-time education? Yes / No

  4. Are you in part-time education? Yes / No

  5. Do you sometimes have to miss school because of other commitments? No, never / Very occasionally / Occasionally / Quite frequently / Frequently

  6. If you are of school age but you are not in school, or you sometimes have to miss school, what is/are the main reason/s? (circle more than one option if appropriate) Cost of school / Problems getting to school / Helping at home / Doing other work / Marriage / Parents do not think school is worthwhile

  7. Do you think all boys should be at school? Yes / No / Depends on the circumstances

  8. Do you think all girls should be at school? Yes / No / Depends on the circumstances

  9. Would you be interested in supporting our campaign to get more girls and boys into school? Yes / No / Maybe

This example includes a great range of questions that you can adapt. Why not give it a go?

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