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Skills to list on a resume

What do employers look for in a resume?


Because you’re young and many industries and the job market are changing rapidly, it’s important to highlight how much you’re willing to adapt. Being able to manage your time, take on more tasks, and concretely describe what you do are all extremely valuable skills and demonstrate maturity.


Okay, but what do I write?

  1. Sell your “soft” skills. At the most basic level, your skills are what you have to offer. What they call “soft skills” are simply your ability to communicate, speak, write, and present ideas.
  2. Add value. Besides being a good communicator, it’s important to contribute. Adding value can be different for every kind of job. First, it’s important to gain experience. Doing something new while working in an office, and with other people is a great first step. If you can afford to, volunteering or interning can also be great opportunities to learn about a field that interests you.
  3. Be resourceful. Education and experience can prepare you for creating your next job. Check out our resources on entrepreneurship and remember that innovation isn’t exclusively high-tech.

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