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Writing cover letters, essays, responses

Writing an essay is an important skill. In this context, the goal is always to tell your potential employer, new school, or even a new contact more about yourself. First, you'll want to ask yourself “who is reading this?” Often, with university admissions teams, there will be a whole panel of people reading transcripts and resumes. It's important to try to figure out who your audience is but also tell your authentic story. I know this can be tricky! What questions can I answer for you?


Well, first, what are they looking for in my writing?


Great question! Here are some valuable tips for any professional or school-related writing that you may do in the future:

1) Be concise. Especially if this is a career transition for you. Get to the point quickly. 2) Demonstrate what you're discussing rather than listing adjectives. This should show thought on your part. 3) Make sure both your intro and conclusion are excellent because they are the first and last thing your audience sees.


What are the most important things to demonstrate in my essay?


Well, of course, grammar, spelling, structure, all of those things matter, but you also want to show personality and originality in how you express your ideas.

Any cover letter should include:

In some sense, a cover letter is no different than a college admissions essay or an introductory bio. You want to tell your reader about you in the most captivating and succinct way. Remember to have someone look at it when you’re done. Preferably someone who knows the field you’re trying to break into, but it can also be a teacher or parent.

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