6-9 Months Play and Communication

Play and communication with 6-9 month babies


  • Babies experiment with cause-and-effect relationships.

  • Babies experiment with how objects fall, how to make a noise, or how their arms and legs exert resistance and force.

  • Babies enjoy making noises by hitting or banging with a cup or other object. This may be frustrating for busy mothers and fathers, but it is important to be patient, as the child is learning through this play.

  • Even before children say words, they learn from what is being said to them, and can understand a lot.

  • Babies notice when people express strong anger, and may be upset by it.

  • Babies copy the sounds and actions of others.

  • Babies like other people to respond to the sounds they are making and to show an interest in the new things they notice.

  • A baby can recognize her/his name before being able to say it. Hearing her/his name helps the child know that she/he is a special person in the family.

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