Brincar e comunicar com bebés recém-nascidos.jpg

Play and communication with newborn babies


  • Right from the beginning babies can see, hear and smell you.

  • Newborns learn through seeing, hearing, feeling, and moving.

  • Newborns recognize their mother immediately.

  • Healthy babies can see, hear, and smell at birth.

  • Talking to babies from birth is very important, even before.

  • Babies need to move freely and safely to grow.

  • Within a few days, babies can start smiling when people smile at them.

  • Babies communicate their needs. They learn to trust that someone will pay attention to their movements, sounds, and cries.

  • Breastfeeding on demand strengthens interaction and growing trust.

  • Children show interest in breastfeeding by becoming fussy, sucking their hand, or moving their head toward the breast. This is how mothers can learn to recognize that a child is hungry before the child starts to cry.

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